About Fireactiv

About Fireactiv®

FIREACTIV® joint and muscle supports are a safe and easy-to-use alternative to medications for back pain, joint pain, sprains, stiff muscles, injuries to deep tissue, arthritis pain, Reynaud’s disease, rheumatism, and tendinitis.

When to use Fireactiv®

The Fireactiv® Supports can be used for a number of applications where heat therapy can help sports recovery and pain relief.


Fireactiv® supports can be incorporated into the daily routine of pain sufferers and is an ideal complementary therapy to other arthritis treatments. Unlike many other therapies, all products in the Fireactiv® range can be used on a continuous basis.

The intense deep heat (red) pad delivers fast pain relief. The milder (white) heat pad provides wearable heat for all-day pain relief.

Aches, pains, strains and sprains

Fireactiv® thermal support series provide variable support and compression plus the soothing deep heat.

Healing time following injury may be improved due to the increased circulation achieved by using Fireactiv® thermal supports.

Soothe tired and aching muscles

Maintain circulation to the muscles post physical activity by wearing deep heating Fireactiv® supports. Fireactiv® helps tired and aching muscles to increase blood flow and provide soothing relief from pain.

Far infrared heat is also said to reduce the build-up of lactic acid which aids recovery from exercise and sport reducing stiffness in muscles and aches and pains.

Use the white heat pad with less intense heat for this phase.

Patella Tracking Disorder

Warm Up with Fireactiv®

Effective warm up prior to physical exertion is essential in the prevention of injury and as part of the mental preparation process.

As part of the warm up program, use Fireactiv® supports with the intense (red) heat pad to help improve circulation, elasticity and condition the joints and muscles before use.

Joint and Limb Pain Relief

Wear Fireactiv® thermal supports for pain relief rather than taking oral pain killers (paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen etc). Use Fireactiv® thermal supports instead of temporary heating pads or applying topical heating creams.

Fireactiv® offers a safe, drug free, clean, convenient, non-invasive and ultimately low-cost form of pain relief.

Use the red heat pad for faster, intense and deep heat. Use the white pad for less intense heat and longer term use

During sport

Fireactiv® supports may be worn during light sporting activity such as golf, bowls, Yoga and hiking.