Fireactiv® thermal supports

For health, fitness, flexibility and an active lifestyle.

The non-invasive infrared heat products by Fireactiv®️ may be the most exciting health development in over a decade.

Fireactiv®️ joint and muscle supports are a safe and easy-to-use alternative to medications for back pain, joint pain, sprains, stiff muscles, injuries to deep tissue, arthritis pain, Reynaud’s disease, rheumatism, and tendinitis.

Fireactiv Joint Thermal Areas

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Fireactiv is Intense Deep Heat for Fast Pain Relief

Fireactiv male figure with knee highlighted pain scaled

Are aches, pains and injuries holding you back? Can’t enjoy the activities you used to? Then Fireactiv is the solution!

Our neoprene support range provide secure support combined with infinitely re-useable deep heat so you can enjoy the freedom of movement.

Use as a secure joint and limb support or with the detachable and interchangeable heat pads.

No batteries, wires or microwaving required – delivering infinitely re-usable heat. The supports may also be used without the heat pads.

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