“Physio Action has been supplying Fireactiv products to our patients for the last 18 months and have found them to be a good supplement to our treatment for rehabilitation. The heat support is soothing and as they can be used time and time again patients continue to get the benefits.”
Julie Hall, PHYSIO ACTION – Physiotherapy and sports injury specialists

“I have had shoulder pain for around 20 years from an old rugby injury that has developed into arthritis I am only 40 years old. This caused considerable amounts of pain which i am heavily medicated for. I also had to give up certain sports such as golf due to the reduced flexibility in the joint.
I have tried every sort of support on the market including electrical heated pads costing considerably more.
Fireactiv is by far the best product I have ever used. Pain has reduced by around 40% and increased flexibility in the joint by the same amount.
I am constantly amazed by how effective the pad is I have allowed at least 30 friends and relatives to borrow the second pad to try it for themselves.
The combination of the two pads I use at different times depending on the activity I am doing.
It is by far and away the most effective pain relief I have ever had that includes medication.
I am currently considering buying the neck brace as I have secondary pain in this area as well. I only wish I had one 20 years ago.”
Neil Robinson 

“FireActiv products have been really helpful with pain relief for my chronic back pain, which I think is arthritis. I love the game of golf and I thought I would have to give up, I am 67 years of age, and when I wear it on top of a golf shirt I get great relief from your product.”
Ronald Arthur

“I am impressed with this product. It helped with a long-term should problem and, as a result, the shoulder is pain free for the first time in years. I also use the knee bandage from time to time and find that it helps to alleviate the discomfort from old sporting injuries. The heat generated is remarkable; it certainly does what it says on the tin!”
Jim Archibald

“I have a disintegrating disc in my neck. After too much tree felling with my husband in March, I found I could hardly move my head from side to side and the pain was severe. My husband saw your advertisement in the Saturday Daily Telegraph and I bought the neck brace from you. Along with physiotherapy treatment and wearing the FireActiv brace the pain and movement was reduced and I wore the brace continually initially enabling me to play tennis and golf. The heat generated from the pad is soothing. I still occasionally wear the brace particularly at night. I can highly recommend it.”
Fiona Thompson

“Having suffered a number of neck injuries in my time I find myself now, at the ripe old age of 40, suffering from arthritis and recurring episodes of frozen neck. Until I discovered Fireactiv only hefty doses of anti-inflammatories would have any impact at all.
I can honestly say that Fireactiv is a God-send. 30 minutes on my neck each evening, and pain is (practically) gone, range of movement is increased, and I haven’t taken any drugs. Marvellous!”

“The FireActiv belt is the best belt my husband has bought. He has stenosis and scoliosis and is in constant pain. However the belt has made his life so much better. We have bought umpteen belts but this is the only one he would recommend. He is so pleased to have found it. Also the belt isn’t cumbersome or heavy and he can wear it during the hot weather. It has been a relief to buy a product which lives up to its publicity. He is very pleased with it.”
Valerie Bennett

“The collar was excellent and my neck movement has improved 70%, only that i wondered was can you wash them the pads and the collar
but yes an excellent product ,it also gave me relief when driving whilst having to turn to look to the side. Hope this helps.”

“In April this year I purchased a FireActiv Belt (model FRA3008) which has proved to be invaluable in overcoming residual aches and pains and is very convenient to wear when required and is very versatile.
When I do any activity such as gardening, DIY or exercises in the gym I wear the belt without the pads as it is elastic and allows the muscles to work while giving support to the lower back. (As opposed to rigid belts)
If I am going to drive any distance over an hour or sit watching the TV in the evenings, I wear the belt with the ‘white’ pads fitted which prevent stiffness and backache developing.
Finally on the rare occasion that I wake up with lower back pain I wear the belt for a short period which relieves the condition very quickly.
So, to sum up, the FireActiv belt and pads does exactly what the adverts claim and for me I just wish I had been able to buy one back in 2006!”

“Just want to say once again thank you for the products you sent over, tried by my boss and close friend, they both said both products were amazing.”
Jay Jerome

“No need for hot water bottles or heating gel pads or wheat bags in the microwave anymore.  These ‘supports’ harness your own body heat to generate lasting heat for pain relief.  I’ve tried the lumbar support – amazing.”
Dr Caroline Barron, Physiotherapy & Radiology Manager, Methley Park Hospital

“My partner has found the neck warmer fantastic for his long motorbike ride to London every day, and is in the process of recommending it to his biking colleagues.”
Melanie Durrant, Physiotherapy Manager

“Just a quick email to say this lumbar support is absolutely fantastic! I have worn it practically all day, every day since meeting you on Wednesday, and both the support and heat generated are wonderful. I am visibly more mobile daily, and given that nothing else has changed, I can only attribute this to the Fireactiv support. I am genuinely very impressed by, and already extremely passionate about this product.”