Innovative, safe, effective and medication-free products to combat Poor Posture, Neck aches & Pain / ‘Tech-Neck’

Do you spend hours texting on your smartphone, playing Candy Crush on your tablet, and working at your computer? It’s no wonder that your neck aches. You may have what’s called ‘tech-neck’, a very common and fast growing repetitive strain injury.

And even though it’s a funny name, tech – neck is no laughing matter!

What is ‘Tech-Neck’?

Most people spend way too much time bending over electronic devices, often for several hours each day. Bending your head forward for many hours puts a strain on your spine, and the muscles and ligaments in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. The more you bend, the more pressure your 5kg plus head puts on those areas. 

‘Tech-neck’, also called “text neck,” is not a medical term. It’s become the popular term applied to neck pain and upper body soreness that results when the pain in your neck radiates to your shoulders and upper back, specifically from improper posture while interacting with today’s technology.

Dangers of tech-neck

Tech neck may not be life-threatening, but it can create many conditions that make your life painful and more difficult.

Bad posture and balance

When you continually bend your head forward, the muscles in your neck, chest, and back become almost frozen in that position, giving you rounded shoulders and making it harder for you to stand up straight. Bad posture can lead to bad balance.

Working from home?

Responsible employers offer ergonomically designed seating and workstations to ensure your posture is correct during the hours spent at work. Whether that be use of computers, production processes or other type of employment that mean time spent in a particular position, its essential that your posture is correct. But now with the advent of widespread home-working it’s unlikely that your dining table or sofa meet the same criteria of a purpose-designed workstation so the risks of repetitive strain injury are significantly increased.


Bending your head forward for hours can make your neck muscles go into spasm. That neck pain can radiate up into your head, causing that to ache, too.

Decreased mobility

Soreness and pain in your neck and back can lead to a tight feeling in your upper body, which makes it harder to move.

Jaw pain

Jaw pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain can result from a misalignment of your cervical spine and muscles. Jaw pain and TMJ can lead to headaches and lockjaw.

Fortunately there’s now a range of devices available from Fireactiv designed to help protect against neck aches and pains / tech-neck and alleviate the symptoms.

Electronic posture correction unit, ‘POSE UP’. Designed to correct poor back and neck posture.

Our new rechargeable posture corrector uses biofeedback to help and train you achieve the right and healthier posture habits quite naturally for both neck and back. A simple vibration alerts you when your posture is outside pre-determined limits allowing you to make immediate adjustments. After a short period of time you’ll naturally adopt a good posture.  RSP £34.95

Easy to link the app

You can easily connect
with the POSE UP app on your smartphone. 
You need less than one minute
to learn the app’s features. 
You can manage your Angle°, Vibrate Level and Vibrate Delay. Battery Level.

So simple to use

Attach the device to your back or neck using the reusable self-adhesive pads supplied with the device or the optional elasticated neck pouch. Pouch cost £19.95

Neck pouch

Attach the device to your back or neck using the reusable self-adhesive pads supplied with the device or the optional elasticated neck pouch.

Neck-Posture brace.

Support your head and neck comfortably to encourage correct ergonomic posture and computer screen viewing angle using the fully adjustable new posture brace from Fireactiv. The lightweight brace attaches around the neck comfortably using a Velcro strap and incorporates a ratchet mechanism so it can be adjusted to a comfortable angle for individual needs. Rubber pads underneath the chin and on the chest improve the comfort of regular use. RSP. £24.95
RSP. £24.95

Waking up with neck pain?

If your neck and spine are out of alignment as you sleep this may be the cause of morning neck ache! Our ergonomically designed and infinitely tested pillow with grooves and slot positions your head and neck in the perfect and correct place for a great night’s sleep. Whether you sleep on your back or side the Fireactiv orthopaedic pillow fits you in a way that’s not possible with conventional pillows. And what’s more it’s supremely comfortable! The zip on, quilted, machine-washable cover is manufactured from super-soft bamboo cotton and the pillow size is designed to fit into standard pillowcases.
RSP. £34.95

Fireactiv Neck alignment stretcher

Neck and shoulder pain relief:

Poor cervical alignment can lead to pinched spinal discs and nerves. This is often the root cause of many neck and shoulder pain cases. Additionally, tight muscles can hold a lot of tension that leads to chronic aches across the upper body and neck.

The Neck alignment device from Fireactiv has a dual approach to tackling neck and shoulder pain.
First, it re-aligns the cervical spine to take pressure off discs and nerves. Second, it releases tension from tight muscles to bring relief to the muscles and tension related headaches.

This results in virtually instant relief for neck and shoulder pain, as well as long-term treatment for the root cause. It’s also another really useful device for correcting poor posture and correcting spine alignment.
Just 5 – 10 minutes a day of relaxing with our alignment device in place can bring fast pain relief. The inbuilt nodes at the edge of the neck channel are designed to relax neck muscles by applying gentle yet focused pressure.

Manufactured from super-durable and washable dense yet light weight rubber foam the Fireactiv alignment device can last a lifetime, be taken on trips or even shared with a loved one.

RSP £29.95

Prevention and treatment of neck pain / tech-neck

Treating tech-neck involves adopting a far better posture, plus doing exercises and stretches that increase your neck’s strength and flexibility. You’ll also have to change the way you interact with your electronic devices.
Move your phone
Move your smartphone and tablets closer to eye level so you don’t bend your head while working on those devices.
Take breaks
Set an alarm to remind you to take frequent breaks away from your devices. A good rule of thumb for computers is a five-minute break every 30 minutes or so.
Arch your neck and back backward periodically, which will reduce muscle strain and pain.
Fireactiv’s neck support is a great alternative to other forms of pain relief . It provides secure neck support combined with re-useable and interchangeable deep heat pads to deliver fast and natural pain relief. The red heat pad delivers intense deep heat while the white pad is more subtle The design of the neck support also acts as a reminder to maintain a better posture thereby negating the condition.

RSP £19.95

‘Be responsible, poor posture can make your muscles weak, tight, or imbalanced and can result in aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back’.

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