Fireactiv.com is the official website and store for Fireactiv®  a specialist and highly innovative Health and Fitness Company based in North Yorkshire, UK.

Fireactiv®  is a designer and supplier of ‘Class 1 Medical Devices’, supplying individuals, medical professionals, therapists and sport markets in many countries worldwide.

Most Fireactiv® products incorporate far infrared active material.

All Fireactiv® products are manufactured to exacting standards in compliance with CE (Certificate European) and MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK) regulations. Many Fireactiv® products also have FDA USA approval.


We’re a dedicated team of enthusiastic people who love bringing new products to market and our mission is to share them with you! We’re an interactive brand so follow us social media as we’ll be running competitions and posting regular blog posts and content about our products.

We’re always interest to get feedback from YOU!  So at any stage please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email info@Fireactiv.com

Thanks for visiting our website and please visit again to see new and exciting planned additions to the Fireactiv® range.

Stay healthy, stay Fireactiv®!